Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Thor Update

Hello, all -

Here's the latest on old Thor:

He's holding up really well, considering. He seems to be in good spirits about 80% of the time, and the rest of the time I'm sure the reality of sitting in a plywood box on the other side of the world gets to him.

We've sent him so many care packages that he's asked me to go on hiatus because he's run out of storage space. The German base is somehow able to figure out how to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and the American side is still pushing the kind of food you'd get at the state fair. I've sent soup and oatmeal and tortillas and peanut butter and muffins-in-a-cup. I figured out how to send milk and cereal. He could probably open his own 7-11 there. I've become a little addicted to Amazon Subscriptions, because I can sign him up to receive a package of the stuff he loves monthly and then forget about it. Then I can honestly say, "But Thor! I didn't send you another package! AMAZON did!" (those pesky bastards). Thanks again to Granny Jack and Randall for their Thor Fund donations.

Laney's class once again wrote letters to Thor this week, and they were hilarious as always. One girl in Laney's class wrote "I hope you survive!" and then decorated it with smiley faces and rainbows. It was a reeaaalll mixed message. 

This one, of course, was the tear-jerker:

Thor and I decided it would be fun to make a little video for the kids to say thank you for the letters and to answer some of their questions. So this morning, I interviewed him on Skype and then cut together this clip. Hope you enjoy:



  1. Good to see and hear from Thor! I know you guys are missing him and counting the days.