Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Most Important Part: Each Other

Hey, y'all - 

If there's one thing I can say with certainty and with all the love in my heart, you have definitely kept me entertained with your dad gone.

Sometimes, Hagen comes to the breakfast table as a raccoon and tells me raccoons are supposed to eat out of the trash can, but he'll eat this waffle at the table just this one time. Or he'll get tired after playing at the park for five whole minutes and need to lie down. 

Laney is still down to try whatever adventure life throws at her, while Hagen would rather sit out the adventures but wear the helmet, just in case.

Laney is teaching herself to ride a skateboard, and is my official yoga coach / photobomber. 

Sometimes Hagen goes to school as Aqua Boy, and sometimes - fresh from his manicure - he'll volunteer to help me mow the lawn.

Speaking of which, here are some of the things I have learned to do since your dad left:

Shovel snow, jump start the car, jump start the truck, operate a power sander, load paddleboards into the truck, change a flat tire with an allen wrench (do not recommend), cut Ella's fingernails (definitely do not recommend), mow the grass, assemble and use a new weed whacker, and start the propane grill with the broken ignition without losing my eyebrows. When Jill Biden started working on the "Joining Forces" campaign, she was quoted as saying something like "Yellow ribbon stickers on your car are great, but what's better is to find a deployed family and mow their grass." It's a great idea that doesn't really happen when only 0.4% of Americans are currently serving and we're mostly invisible. But enough of that pity party, I guess.

Back to the love:

We got lice - again - because there's some super-strain in Missoula and everyone in Laney's elementary school is passing it around. Laney handled it like a champ, and Hagen reminded us that the trick to avoiding lice is to keep your hair short and flat. Don't know why we didn't think of that. 

I live for little moments like when Laney went to a big-kid birthday party and gave hagen the last cupcake, or when we walked past the duck pond and Laney immediately went and got her brother so he could also see the ducklings. 

Y'all definitely keep life sweet. 


P.S. Honorable mention goes out to Ella, who is usually the only other grown-up in the house. 

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